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I have noticed over the years that many artists form bonds between the worlds of form, the formless and the formative in such ways that permeate the process of their work. As early as I can recall I have suffered the disharmonious discord of a tediously reflective, over-active imagination and internal dialog from hell. In hindsight, one reason I may have initially developed a sort of so-called “love of the craft” could be due to the soothing, relaxed state which is offered the individual who explores through ideas the various mental and emotional chaos of reality and imagination. In a hermetic tradition, the universe turned inside-out, outside-in, the reality of imagination and the imagination of reality.



My education as an artist started in grade school where I took music and art lessons and continued into high school where I augmented art classes with metal smithing, sculpture and welding. After graduating, I attended the University of Arizona on a scholarship and then Pima College. Between 1994-1998 I took every available class in the art department - lots of life drawing, painting, printmaking, as well as subjects like anthropology and psychology. I participated in a variety of student shows and worked at the Campus Art Gallery during this time. Eventually, I had exhausted my formal training and decided to pursue art under my own direction. Since then I have moved from Arizona to Oregon and finally to Colorado, where I have been for more than 10 years. I've worked odd jobs such as dishwashing, cooking, bartending, and performing as a musician. I've worked retail, been a phone psychic and an emergency dispatcher all in order to support my life as a painter. During my career, I have created a large body of work, released 6 limited edition books. I have also had my work featured in the French publication Timeless and the American magazine Firemass. My artwork was  commissioned to be used on the set and for the promotional material of the independent film The Story of a Witch. I have been commissioned to create album artwork for individual cd/lp releases for bands such as Not Breathing, Legendary Pink Dots, Edward KaSpel, Silverman, Of Specters and Saints, Un Festin Sagital, Maeror Tri, Surface Hoar, Esperik Glare, Totem, Soriah, Kenji Satori, NecroOrgasmDoom, and most recently, the New Keepers of the Watchtower. Along with various online art features, reviews and interviews, my work has also been  displayed at a number of multi-media events, festivals, lectures, rituals, venues, galleries, bars, print shops, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, auction/ benefits throughout the United States and Germany.